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Originally Published by New York Magazine

In 2012, scientists at the University of Arizona discovered that most cell phones carry ten times more bacteria than toilet seats. And that was eight years ago. Considering how much more of our lives are now conducted on our phones, we doubt they’ve become less filthy since that study came out. And now with the coronavirus outbreak bringing increased attention to germs —especially hand hygiene and stopping the spread of germs while we travel — it makes the cleanliness of our phones, laptops, tablets, and other devices even more important.

Best for cleaning screens

As an alternative to bleach- and alcohol-based cleaners, Irwin Stromeyer, owner of Sterile Space Infection Defense, recommends disinfectant chemicals called quats, or quaternary ammonium compounds, like the ones in the Broad Spectrum Quaternary Disinfectant Cleaner from Clorox, which kills a wide range of bacteria and germs.

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