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infection prevention

Originally Published on Moms.com

It is a dreaded moment in motherhood, and that is when all of her children get sick. If mom has multiple children, she knows that the odds that they are all going to get sick if one does are incredibly high. They share cups, they are always getting in each other’s faces and it just seems inevitable. Mom also worries that she will get sick, or her partner, and then the whole house may be at risk of falling apart. Especially if the kids start feeling better when mom starts getting sick. She is out of commission and the kids have free reign of the house, and we all know what happens then.

That is why moms try their hardest to make sure they do not get sick as well. This can seem next to impossible when all sick children want to do is snuggle up close to their mom. When they are constantly coughing in her face and mom is always wiping a runny nose. While it may be difficult, there are ways mom can improve her odds and fend off the illness that has ravaged her entire house.

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