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Originally Published by Cleaning & Maintenance Management

Almost half (45%) of college students recently surveyed about their hygiene habits reported being hyperconscious of germs. However, the cleanliness of their college campus may not meet their expectations due to a lack of concern and cooperation among their classmates, making work harder for custodians hired to keep the campus clean.

College Rover, creators of a user-friendly college research tool for students and their parents/guardians, surveyed 1,000 college students about their hygiene habits. The survey results found:

  • Seven in 10 respondents reported washing their hands between 5 and 15 times per day
  • 31% reported changing their bedsheets once a week or more
  • One in four said they found a used condom on campus or in their dorms
  • Three in 10 admitted reporting a roommate for hygiene issues.

College Rover also conducted swab tests on surfaces at two U.S. college campuses to check for bacteria. Researchers swabbed each surface three times, averaged the colony-forming units (CFUs) of bacteria per swab for each surface type, then made their results available in a report released in October 2023.

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