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You don’t need to tell local parents that there are nasty germs out there. They already know the viruses, the bacteria — even the bugs — are back.

“One catches it,” said a mom having lunch outside with her two children. “And then a few days later, the next one. And it just ping pongs around the house.”

With schools now open and vacations over, there’s more indoor time for germs to spread.

“We’ve already seen an uptick in COVID-19,” said Dr. Vandana Madhavan, director of the infectious disease clinic at Mass General for Children. “We’ve started to see some RSV. We know we’re going to be headed into a true winter respiratory viral season.”

However, local hospitals remind families that illnesses that may be new to your child are not typically new to them.

“I see a lot of patients whose parents are worried,” Madhavan said. “They’re like, ‘Oh, it just seems like they’re just sick like every month. And I’m like, ‘Yes.'”

Sometimes, the diagnosis sounds more scary than it is.

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